Our Church is blessed to have the talents of many members on our boards and commitees. These dedicated indivduals guide the care of the Church as well as community outreach. We ask members to support our church by joining a church board or ministry.

Boards set church policy with approval of the Church Council and meet monthly.

Ministry Committees are action-oriented teams that can be focused and short-term, without requiring regular attendance at board meetings. They provide a way for each member to contribute some time — whenever and however much they are able. Ministry Committees encourage creative ideas and allow people to develop friendships and leadership skills while making a noticeable difference in the church or community. The relative success of ministries gives suggestions concerning the directions that the church is headed.  Meetings of Church Boards are open to all church members.

Learn more about the groups that guide our Church and the Community Outreach we are involved in.

Boards and Committees Community Outreach