We are just one of the 5,100 churches and 1.4 million members who are part of the United Church of Christ nationally. As members of the United Church of Christ we declare ourselves to be part of the body of Christ — the Christian church. We celebrate two sacraments: Baptism and Holy Communion. We spread the message of God's extravagant welcome, reaching out especially to those who have felt there is no room for them within Christianity and the church — the excluded and alienated, the spiritually homeless, the questioning.

Partners in Christ’s Service

We are a welcoming congregation, inspired by and committed to the teachings and example of Jesus Christ.
In partner with:

each other,

our Elmhurst, Illinois community,

the wider United Church of Christ,

the entire Body of Christ,

and people of faith throughout the world,

We serve Christ by:

reaching out to all people by celebrating the gift of God's unconditional love, forgiveness and grace;

living our faith through caring fellowship and Christian love;

seeking to know, love, and worship our Lord every day;

joyously educating, guiding and nurturing children, youth, adults and families so they grow in their own faith;

endeavoring to serve the needs of each other, the community and beyond.



Our Church Covenant and our Statement of Faith will help you understand what guides us as a United Church of Christ community.  Visit the Worship and Belief sections here to learn more.

Worship Beliefs


For more information on the beliefs of our denomination, please visit the United Church of Christ website.